but instead i'm coming to y'all first ...

i thought i had a j2 saved where one of the js lived in washington and was some sort of corporate professional, (i'm thinking it was jensen), and then he goes down to visit friends in some lovely beach place, where he meets free spirit other j, and they all are lovely and whatever, and there's something about photos and maybe i don't know a stuffed toy of a tiger, and then the j goes back to corporate america (doctor, lawyer, what have you) and the other one doesn't go with, and then eventually shows up outside his apartment waiting for him and he says it's cold. and i think this is all wrapped up in a country song.

wicked helpful, i know, and what's odder - i don't even know if i read it all, or liked it all - but i woke up to a song and i've been reading oceany/beachy/summery stories because it's not quite spring here, and this one popped into my head.

thanks darlings.

ETA: I remembered the song was by Kenny Chesney so I searched for j2 Kenny Chesney and found it. Yay me. This is the link: http://community.livejournal.com/creators_hands/35139.html


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