Okay, so, umm, i might be writing something and i might need some help. Can someone tell me who Kerr Smith played in the movie? I wasn't really aware that he was in it because everyone I know was talking about either the special effects or the jensen effects. mmmm ... special jensen effects. wait? what? where was i?

anyway, i'm maybe writing something where I need to know a bit about kerr smith's character in the movie. so, you know, if you've seen it, or if you know anything about his role, that'd be awesome if you could give me a quick summary. who he is, how he relates to jensen's character, how he relates to jaime king's character. yeah.

help me in my efforts to go to that special rps (and not even j2 rps) hell.

please and thank you.

ETA: also? when seeing a 3D movie are previews in 3D? I would think not, but I thought I would confirm with others.

ETA2: i'm asking for spoilers so don't read the comments unless you want to be spoiled.
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