So I'm almost caught up with Thursday's episode of ATWT.

#1 - i am fascinated by my fascination with Casey. I find him stupidly hot and then stupidly funny looking and then stupidly hot again.

#2 - I kinda wanna punch Luke in the face

#3 - I kinda hate Noah for saying "i told you so" and not saying "let me bag my class, we're both shook up, and let's go have lots of sex somewhere."

#4 - I don't understand the emily/casey/alison/matt/jade/whomever thing. at all.

#5 - Totally illegal for margo to call luke's mom

#6 - speaking of luke's mom ... way to go being an adult around Jade. WTF?

#7 - okay, i maybe love casey for when jade says that he should sue emily for sexual harrassment because emily was the boss and had all the power, and casey says "yeah, but that's when we were good together." Bottom!casey/Top!emily; pegging fic - GO!

#8 - okay, margo letting lily talk to elwood - ummmmmmm, NO NO NO!

#9 - when allison says to jake Noah that billy Casey is all his. dirty thoughts. really deliciously dirty thoughts.

#10 - luke/noah with noah all standing next to lily, making him the adult and luke the spoiled child. jesus, could you beat us over the head with the subtlety stick?

#11 - M is for Matt, and Mark, and Margo, oh, and Moron, and, umm, did i mention, MORON?

#12 - regardless of the absolute stupidity of this show, holy adorable. they're so, gah, i just, i run out of words. i do. absolutely. out of words.

#13 - luke is all paranoid because someone is slipping him bad drugs! or, you know, not, but whatever.

#14 - again with lily/jade and lily's ability to NOT be an adult.

#15 - i really like allison's hair in this episode. sometimes i wish i had straight, flippy hair.

#16 - For the first time Luke said to Noah "Reg was one of us." and i kinda wanted to stand up and slap someone and say, "yeah. Reg was one of your day players that was supposed to be queer. maybe killing off the queers is a bad idea? maybe?"

#16 - so i thought the casey/allison shit was over, but it's clearly not.

#17 - if the M is Matt, i'm going to be irritated as fuck. Except that doesn't make sense. So, i'm going to be irritated as I would be if i were wearing a wool bra that was three sizes too small.

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