So, I just read a ton of little ficlets from one of those "pick a story and i'll drabble something" memes. And then I thought, well shit, i could never do that because i haven't written that much. And then I looked and thought, okay, so i'm not as prolific as many, but i've been kinda stuck recently.

In essence what i'm saying is that if you are reading this and would like me to write something small that relates to something i've already written (a timestamp, a different PoV or character, whatever) just drop me a comment and i'll try to get to it.

I'm going to be meeting people in a week, so I thought maybe this would be a good time to think about my fandoms.

Edit: Also, if you have a piece of your own writing that you might want someone else to write in, you can drop me a link and i'll try.

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Oh, man. I want more of EVERYTHING.

Okay. So if I have to choose? I'd like a follow-up to Please. Later that night.

Thank you! ♥♥♥

Also? If you're interested, I would be intrigued to see what you would do with the Cellmate boys. Maybe a missing scene fic from that 'verse? Only if you want to.

Thanks again. ♥♥♥♥♥

And ♥.

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I would love anything that you write, but if I had a choice I would love, love, love a continuation of Doubt later that night when the boys are on the phone.

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I would LOVE to see you do something from a different POV. I don't have any preference on which of your previous fics it is. Anything would be awesome. 8)

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Well you gotta pick it for me to flip the PoV. That's the rule.

Ask someone else to suggest if you don't know. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. I need inspiration.

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I understand where you're coming from. And this...

Also, if you have a piece of your own writing that you might want someone else to write in, you can drop me a link and i'll try. You have free rein to my stuff.

Do you want to try Billy's POV from that Jilly Comment!Fic?

Or the Jansis pieces... ~Ali

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*whines* I want so much!

Well I'm still gonna pick two and you can choose. :D

Um, "Pinned" plz. The night before.

Or "NSFW" when the boys finally meet up. Oh! Or you can do it from Noah's POV and have him send a dirty email/text? Ah, dirty texting. Sorely lacking in fandom I think.

Also? Totally jumping in on the "Tell Me" bandwagon.

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So hard to choose! But um, just because there aren't that many of these... the Victorian drabble piece maybe a semester later? Or anytime really. :) Thanks Monday!


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