just what the subject says. exhausted but home.

have pics and thoughts to share, but i'm wiped.

From: [identity profile] qafaddiction.livejournal.com

Welcome back! :) I enjoyed chatting with you and getting updates from the couch. hee! Can't wait to see 'les photographes'!

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sorry i couldn't post more quickly. i had no idea how insane it would be.

From: [identity profile] nouveau-monday.livejournal.com

you shouldn't know at all. it's not your fandom of choice and i don't think i posted it, but i met people from As The World Turns, including the guys that i write about. It was sooooo much fun!

From: [identity profile] not-refined.livejournal.com

YES but I'm like a stalker so I should know in some psychic way! *g* Eeeee, I'm so glad you had fun :D :D :D

From: [identity profile] nouveau-monday.livejournal.com

you are not like a stalker, i am your stalker. the fact that there was a comment from you practically made me explode with glee. you have no freaking idea. i'm, like, the stalkeryest stalker who ever stalked where you're concerned. okay, that's a lie. i don't actually know anything about you. i just, you know, flail a lot and threaten to tie you to your computer and desk and such.

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I have curly brown hair, green eyes, am British and today I baked five batches of cakes and wrote bits and pieces of four different fics. There you have some random facts about meeeee.

^_^ YAY! See, I don't randomly comment much 'cause I always think people will be freaked out but y'know, I will totally make more comments over heeeeere. :)


From: [identity profile] nouveau-monday.livejournal.com

Hey! I have curly brown hair and green eyes as well. My mom is a brit, but i'm an american. I did not bake any cakes, but i bought a bunch at a store. and i worked on four different fics as well!

maybe the secret is that we don't have to stalk each other because we are secretly the same person? that would be weird.

randomly comment away, because i have a huge huge huge girl crush on your writing (as is, i'm sure, more than stupidly obvious) and so a comment from you is ahsrui;ghuoa;gnt ;kandjkf;gnjak; ik;gist;bg iads! see, i don't even have words.

From: [identity profile] not-refined.livejournal.com

:) Damn it, I wish I was American. I'm part almost everything else, except American!!!

Hmmm I think we may actually be the same person. That would ROCK.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay. I love that you enjoy my writing. You know, I still get like THE BIGGEST rush from that. You're way too sweet.

From: [identity profile] nouveau-monday.livejournal.com

What other parts are you? I just looked at your profile and realized that if it tells the truth, i'm a bazillion years older than you. (or maybe ten and a half.)

From: [identity profile] not-refined.livejournal.com

^_^ I'm part Swedish, part Jamaican, part Chinese and part Irish. The Swedish and Chinese is from WAY back when (like, great-grandparents) so it doesn't really count but hey. It's there!

Ah, yes. The profile does not lie. I shall be turning 22 this year \o/

From: [identity profile] nouveau-monday.livejournal.com

That's a huge mix of things to be. I'm part british and part american, though the part american is my father and he's part of a bunch of things if you trace it back. i guess i'm part irish, because i think some of my mum's family was irish prior to being british. With all those parts, how does one wind up being in England? Are you predominantly English?

*grins* apparently i'm young at heart, because i? turned 33 in january.

From: [identity profile] not-refined.livejournal.com

How'd I end up living in England? A terrible accident of birth!

LOL, both of my parents were born in England. So was I. FAIL. I am looking to leave as soon as possible.

DAMN IT. I missed your birthday? I normally offer fics for birthdays!

From: [identity profile] nouveau-monday.livejournal.com

my birthday was in january. i actually got a great present in that inaugeration day happens on my birthday and this year, i was pleased with who got elected. however, if you want to bust out some quiet'verse, it wouldn't hurt my feelings :)

where in england are you?

From: [identity profile] not-refined.livejournal.com

That's so cool! Yes, it is nice to finally be able to be proud of a public official - and someone with so much power - I actually cried watching the inauguration.

Ha, I will certainly write some Quiet 'verse for you!

I'm originally from Birmingham, right in the middle, but I've lived all over the country. At the moment I'm further south - I lived in Winchester until last month, now I'm in Southsea, and I'm moving again in four months because I want to be closer to London again.

From: [identity profile] nouveau-monday.livejournal.com

My mum was raised in Northampton, and my great aunt lived in leighton buzzard, so those are the areas that i know best (and only vaguely at that).

Last time i was there (january 97) i saw cambridge and loved it, and then went to right below the royal mile in Edinburgh on a whim - that? was fantastic.

I cried as well over inaugeration.

From: [identity profile] painfullystoic.livejournal.com


How was it? even though you haven't said much, it sounds like you had a great time!!! Hopefully one day I might be able to go... even if it means international travel because I won't be in the country any longer... o.O

Get some rest!! Sweet Dreams! Can't wait to hear more when you feel up to it!

From: [identity profile] gradgirl-07.livejournal.com

Welcome back. Can't wait to hear all the stories. Thanks for the gift. Still working on "the project" and will forward more when I can.


From: [identity profile] nouveau-monday.livejournal.com

the tongue was all for you. and then i was all "dude, i didn't get that kind of reception" so he groped my knee on the way out the door. it was a win for both of us, i'd say.

From: [identity profile] frances-veritas.livejournal.com

I already miss you! I wish I could have gone to NaP so could have hung more. Can't wait for pics! After lots of rest. :D

From: [identity profile] nouveau-monday.livejournal.com


I miss you too. And I may or may not have a present for you by the end of this week that isn't pics.

From: [identity profile] frances-veritas.livejournal.com

And I may or may not have a present for you by the end of this week that isn't pics.

*IZ SO FREAKING EXCITED* Even though you didn't have to get me anything. :D


From: [identity profile] frances-veritas.livejournal.com

P.S. I hope you have a good pic of me and Van and Jake on your camera cause the one on Bri's camera didn't turn out well. :(

From: [identity profile] miss-smp.livejournal.com


OMG I MET MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!




BILLY that.is.all!!!! :P hee hee hee

From: [identity profile] nouveau-monday.livejournal.com

you were the cutest thing ever and i think that pic of you and billy flexing should be your avatar EVERYWHERE.

From: [identity profile] forbiddenromanc.livejournal.com

I forgot you were going to be at the luncheon! I kind of forgot a lot of people were going to be there. ::facepalms:: I don't think I met anyone new, besides Jenn (so sweet!),unfortunately. I'm bad a socializing. Er, anyway. /ramble

I'm glad you had a good time! =)

From: [identity profile] forbiddenromanc.livejournal.com


Uhh. I have brown [with a little bit of a red hint] hair about to my shoulders, glasses [that look similar enough to these: http://x48.xanga.com/c11d9be5c6332133269065/s97393447.jpg ] and I'm short-ish. I was with a tall-ish woman [my girlfriend, Kim] who was in a [light]pink shirt. . .about the whole time, and I believe at table 17. On occasion, I was also hanging out with a group of about 10 or so people. . .and it would take too long to describe each of them. =P Oh, and I was wearing a blue shirt and a jean skirt. /more information than necessary

And what do you look like and with whom were you hanging out with? =)

From: [identity profile] nouveau-monday.livejournal.com

Image (http://s734.photobucket.com/albums/ww348/nouveau_monday/NAP%20pics/?action=view&current=IMG_1845.jpg)

i would be the one that isn't van. :) and i wore a black dress to the luncheon. And, umm, i was with Barbara who won one of Noah's shirts. at Table 14. and umm, i'm short and fat with curly hair and green eyes and glasses.

From: [identity profile] forbiddenromanc.livejournal.com

[Huh. Your glasses look just like mine. Cool.] Oh, you're so pretty! =) But I don't remember seeing you at all, even only a few tables away. =/ I wish we could have met! Like I said in one of the other comments, I'm bad at socializing.

And you are totally *not* fat!!!

From: [identity profile] nouveau-monday.livejournal.com

Well heck. I didn't know you were going to be there or i would have HUNTED YOU DOWN! damnit.

and on a side note: i don't take my using the word fat as a bad thing. I'm 5'1 and statistically very obese. I didn't say ugly, just, you know, fat. blah blah blah feminist notions, embracing language, blah blah blah. i'm good with the word. Were you at the evening thinger as well?

From: [identity profile] forbiddenromanc.livejournal.com

Ahaha. Like made an annoucement? =P "Hello. . .is Rae/Forbidden Romance out there?" =D [This might be better for knowing if you even saw me in passing: Image and video hosting by TinyPic My hair is shorter, but otherwise, I look the same.]

Okie dokie. =) NaP? No, I wasn't. I'm not on VH.net much anymore, so I missed the sign ups for it completely. I was there last year, but that's not anything helpful. =P Did you go? And if so, how was it? =)

From: [identity profile] nouveau-monday.livejournal.com

i'm not on vh much either, but i have a friend who wanted company, and ta da! so glad i said yes. alas, you are not ringing any immediate bells, but i was pretty much sitting around with my eyes bugging out of my head.

From: [identity profile] forbiddenromanc.livejournal.com

::nods:: I was just kind of going to be. . .going, basically and to hang with my friends, but I was happy I ended up going in the end. =)

Heee! Well, if we're both going next year -- we'll have to remember that the other is going to be there. =P

From: [identity profile] ladysonsie.livejournal.com

So glad you had fun! Welcome back and looking forward to your thoughts and all that. But get some rest!

From: [identity profile] nouveau-monday.livejournal.com

i'm on vacation the rest of the week, so hopefully i'll post some more thoughts later. I don't know. I just, i'm not sure i have much to say. I had a good time. I met fandom peeps. I mingled with some ATWT peeps and that was it.

From: [identity profile] ladysonsie.livejournal.com

Hey, that's enough! Just that you had a nice time is all that matters.

p.s. I love that picture of you and Van. ♥

From: [identity profile] sweetiejelly.livejournal.com

Yay! Welcome back, Monday! It was great to see your pictures. I especially love the one of you and Van. ♥


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