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( May. 27th, 2008 10:37 pm)
Title: If I Wrote You
Author: nouveau_monday
Pairing: Luke/Noah
Rating: PG-13/R for language, and yes, that means no sex occurs in this piece. (I wasn't going to mention that, but apparently as this little world has been all about the sex, someone thought I ought to mention it.)
Word Count: 4.6k-ish
Summary: Noah and Luke aren't sure how it happened that they aren't speaking, but they know it's not okay. Now how do they fix it?
Spoilers: There are quotes from April 29th's show and May 6th's show. All of the events take place between those two dates. If you aren't up to date, and don't want to be, don't read.
Disclaimer: In my world this is what happened between when Luke left and then when Luke next showed up at the house a week later. Apparently the writers left these scenes on the cutting room floor.
Notes: Thank you so much to [ profile] mightyten for being the best beta, especially when she has her own wonderful stuff to write which is amazing and you all should read immediately if you haven't. Also, she suggested that I point out that all of this is in my little Magnets!verse, and in that happy place, the boys have been having sex since New Years Eve. And, I'm still on track with the storyline. So what do you know, maybe it has been going on for that long? You can start at the beginning of the Magnets stories by checking out my memories. They're all numbered and pretty there.
My other note, as always, is to give credit to the music that wound up as the title. Dar Williams' If I Wrote You off End of Summer because in the end it was that fear of this all being over that stopped the boys from speaking.

If I Wrote You

Noah ran his fingers through his hair and definitively did not throw something. Ameera was there, and not used to loud noises. Or maybe she was overly used to loud noises. Whatever. It didn't matter. Luke had done it again. But this time, it didn't feel like before. )


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