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( Mar. 24th, 2009 08:23 pm)
This is one of those moments where i really wish i was a BFD in SPN fandom like poisontaster, thenyxie, keepaofthcheez, belyste, any of them, because i want to be able to say, "GOD SOMEONE WRITE ME RPS BASED ON PARANORMAL STATE - RYAN/SERGEY GOGOGOGO!" and have it happen.
1. I have far too many things I want to or am currently writing. And I love them all. but that means slow going. Fortunately one of them is delayed by waiting on a friend to send me something, so at least i don't have to prioritize that. and two of the others are ... complicated. but one of these things is an original idea, and it has a a deadline. I need to get on that as priority 1, possibly priorities 1 through 8.

2. I am reading Lord of the Flies with one of my groups of students. We are discussing sanity/insanity and who decides how those terms are defined. That would not be the point. The point would be that Ralph and Jack look at each other with a love and hate that they aren't quite sure how to handle. And in my head I'm laughing my fool head off because hello, how can you not slash Ralph and Jack. *puts head in hands* I'm going to hell. It doesn't help that my students are all, "Wait a minute, Miss. They're on an island with no bitches? How they gonna live?" So after we discuss appropriate language and finding a different word choice that isn't 'bitches', we come back to their real question of being 16 year old boys without females on the island. The obvious answer is slash! And my students, bless their little pervy hearts, kick at each others ankles and whisper to each other (thinking I won't hear them) it's like in lock up, you gotta be careful of when you drop the soap.

3. I'm getting all clingy for contact and find myself leaking separate bits of me into the wrong segments of my fractured life. That will only make sense to a handful of you, but that's okay. In the end it means that my family is leaking into my school, my school is leaking into my writing, my writing is leaking into my non-fic writing life, and then it all goes a bit cross-eyed and i get needy and need people to pet me and tell me it will all be okay even if they only know a part of me.

4. Okay, that's enough. I needed to document this moment, primarily, i think for the Lord of the Flies slash moment, because for real? i went there. and what's more? i'm positive i'm not the only one. it's not like i slashed thing1 and thing2 or something.
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( Jul. 1st, 2008 09:34 pm)
So my darling friend [ profile] katomyte just sent me this link:

Timothy Hutton! Christian Kane!

Holy spontaneous orgasms, Batman. It's just ... Oh My God. And the pretties! and there better be possibilities for slashy goodness, and this show better be good, because Timothy Hutton and Christian Kane and ... okay ... i maybe need to go take EIGHTEEN MILLION cold showers.

[ profile] frances_veritas, i think you can fully understand when i say: gdjasdhfjk afghjk gafdhjkg adfghad fhkghfag hikafgkgfadkgad

(okay, and i kinda love that just by running my fingers over my keyboard i managed to get the word fag into one of these pseudo-words. and qaf into another.)


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