Okay, so I've totally become obsessed with the abouttwoboys community on LJ. Seriously obsessed. But I don't want to write it, just read it. Apparently my fingers only get it up for Luke/Noah sappiness. That is not the point. This is the point:

I want someone to re-do But I'm A Cheerleader - J2 style. JA as the innocent and naive cheerleader. JA as the bad ass baby-butch. Why do I want this so damned much?

I'm a freak.

Katomyte - don't comment on that statement, you've known me too long.

Whoops - so saying JA for both sets of initials doesn't work. I was thinking JA as cheerleader, because ... yeah. And JP as the other one, though in my head, it makes a little more sense visually the other way around. Which, then, because it's a re-do, I kind of think it makes sense to go back to my original vision.

JA as cheerleader. JP as bad ass baby-butch.


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