When I'm not writing luke/noah fanfic with questionable taste or skill, and i'm not teaching my thuglets language arts with questionable taste or skill, I write other things.

In my head I have two m/m stories on which I've jotted down notes. (I so totally just deleted my original sentence to rewrite it so that it didn't end with a preposition or a proposition which just goes to show what a dork i am, and maybe i am actually teaching the thuglets something.) One is based on this moment in the class I'm taking in which it turns out i'm taking it with the evil stepmother of the only boy i've ever truly loved. Yeah, that's fun. The other is a vision I had wrapped around the song Cowboys & Angels by George Michael. i've noted out the 12 steps of the hero's journey for each, just to see if it's a full plot or some weird vision that won't go anywhere. Guess what, both of them can actually go from point A to point Z (or would that be point L if it's 12 steps?) and end with "they lived happily ever after. yay for cute boys in love!"

The other story is one of my two babies. It's a young adult about a girl named Cassandra who comes from a witchy family but is apparently as mundane as they come. (Tres embarrrassing for her ultra-hip ultra-important VIP of the witch world parents!) Anyway, she winds up in an alt ed program within her high school, meets maddy black - a very cool chick who Cassandra thinks is pregnant, but, well, that's not exactly what's going on - and Fenric - who has this intense leader of the pack *snickers* persona - and she meets Henry Melnik. Henry Melnik is the dentist's son. He plays basketball. He's a nice guy. He's super tall. He's got dimples and ... yeah, okay, when I re-read his description, it's TOTALLY Jared in high school. I knew I had a thing for tall boys, but this was too funny. Apparently my subconscious was trying to kick me in the head.

The most exciting part of the YA is that while working out on the recumbent bike at my gym, i was editing it. (Multi-task or die: there are never enough hours in the day!) It turns out that it's a good story. I continue to like it. I have about 30k left to edit, and then about another 15k to write, but the point is: I LIKE THIS STORY. and I write well. I really do.

Some day maybe I'll be a rockstar in the fanfic world, but it's nice to know I have this other story that's actually enjoyable even without feedback. :)

I need to find some high school students to read it. Some of my thuglets did, but I'd like a wider audience to edit it. That's my next quest.


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