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Master Fic List; Updated 2/08/2009

I've written enough at this point that it no longer feels stupid to have a master post for what I've written. Anything that keeps my organized. Most of this is Luke/Noah, but I'm attempting to branch out.

As The World Turns, specifically Luke & Noah, are my fandom of choice. I blame [ profile] merepersiflage entirely for this. She first pointed me to the youtube clips and I've been hooked ever since.
  • Magnets: the 'verse I love the most because it was my first and because I met everyone through the writing of it.
    Not Broken - Part 1 (Up to New Year's Eve)
    Not Broken - Part 2 (Mmmm ... rubber tubing)
    Yeah ... Like *That* - Part 1 (Up to Valentine's Day Evening)
    Yeah ... Like *That* - Part 2 (Valentine's Day Evening)
    On My Knees I Think Clearer - Part 1 (Valentine's Continued)
    On My Knees I Think Clearer - Part 2 (Valentines Continued)
    Every Time I See Your Face - Luke, Noah & an alley behind Yo's
    It Was What I Wanted Now - Noah got married, but not to Luke, and now things are changing
    If I Wrote You - For two days, Luke and Noah aren't speaking
    Love Don't Die - Noah asks for space
    (Just Like) Starting Over - Part 1; Luke and Noah getting back together finally.

  • Interview: whoever knew that a drabble for a comment-pornathon could become this 'verse that people love?
    Parts 1 & 2 as a combo - An interview leads to something more
    Part 3 - Figuring things out
    Part 4 - In an alley
    Part 5a - A sort of date
    Part 5b - Back at the scene of the crime as it were
    Part 5c - Finishing off a date gone wrong
    Part 6a - Noah is running. Luke is hurt.
    Part 6b - Hot chocolate and the beginnings of hope.

  • Co-writing: The most fun since sliced bread. Especially if that bread somehow becomes really kinky.
    Home - [ profile] ithilien22 suggested we should write together. And so we did.
    So? R U in? - [ profile] ithilien22 and I made our fandom's heads explode.

  • One-offs
    Two Drabbles - One Victorian christmas; One toppy!bottom!luke and the bed of a truck.
    What Trucks Are For - Bottom!Noah; in a truck.
    Please - Bottom!Noah; on the kitchen counter.
    NSFW - Toppy!Bottom!Luke; an email exchange.
    A Promise to Himself - Top!Luke; behind the bleachers.
    Pinned - A drabble in an elevator.
    Doubt - Luke has doubts in drabble form.
    No Title Necessary - What happened after Luke's bedroom door was locked.

  • Remixes
    Moving Closer - A Remix of [ profile] ithilien22's Farm Boy.
    I think we're practicing the same religion - A Remix of [ profile] belyste's All the constellations look down on us to see.

    Criminal Minds; my second fandom of choice. [ profile] yffy is a great tv wife and she is wonderfully encouraging of this new found vice of mine.
  • Shadows and Light
    Shadows and Light part 1 - post Elephant's Memory, Morgan has a proposition for Reid.
    [His] Only Bad Habit Is Me - Spencer tests the water. Morgan makes his move.

    Everyone has to find that way that lets them know they're going to hell. I'm just glad I have such good company for the ride.
  • Jake/Van; yes the guys from ATWT. yes, a vice I cannot give up. yes, I know it's fiction.
  • I Dare You (in three installments)
    I Dare You - These dares they keep giving each other are getting out of hand.
    A Really Bad Idea - They discuss the merits of Bride & Prejudice.
    Better than a Brick to the Head - X-Men3 is really gay.

  • One-offs
    Tell Me - Friends don't let friends drink and dial.
    This Is Not A Girl Crush - Facebook, My Bloody Valentine, what more do you need?

  • J2; some day there will be something here. but not until it's done. duh.

    Also, if you have friended me. This would be a great place to comment and introduce yourself.
  • My sleep schedule is all hosed right now, and i took a nap mid day. So of course, hosed sleep + napping = funny dreams for monday. And this one? totally bizarre. I don't have time for all of it, but I'll tell the important part.

    For some reason post manicure/pedicure that even while getting done i was not understanding, because i don't need a fill or a color change for another week, i ran into the guy that plays Casey on As the World Turns. And somehow we got into a conversation about how he and i should make out ... for publicity only. (Of course.)

    And then we met up later, and there were a million people around, and he found me and was like "Here seems like a good place." I wasn't sure what to do but just sort of stare blankly (because this was after this weird sequence where i was hiding so i wouldn't be forced to eat decomposing human flesh to become a werewolf and not be killed by vampires).

    AND THEN, he kissed me. and Oh MY God and Goddess and your gods and goddesses also. That was a kiss. Keep in mind, I haven't kissed a male since 1993, so maybe my perspective was off. I don't even know. What I do know is that his hands were incredible and his mouth was perfect and it totally made my toes curl.

    *hides head* I cannot believe I had this dream.
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    ( Apr. 23rd, 2009 02:45 am)
    what does it mean when you can't see a video in your country? i mean, logically, i can break down the sentence, but in terms of watching something does that mean never or only right now or what?

    i've never gotten that as notification before.

    too tired to research,
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    ( Apr. 21st, 2009 03:26 pm)
    just what the subject says. exhausted but home.

    have pics and thoughts to share, but i'm wiped.
    Title: The Interview (Part 6b)
    Author: nouveau_monday
    Pairing: Noah/Luke
    Rating: PG
    Word Count: 2.2k
    Summary: Hot chocolate. Making up.
    Spoilers: This is completely AU for the boys. So yeah, any relation to the story line is minor. Facts I kept were the Colonel, Noah's mom, and Oakdale. Other characters resemble themselves, but everyone, by definition is not quite him/her self.
    Disclaimer: As I said, this is AU. The characters belong to CBS and P&G and possibly others, but definitely not me. That is the real travesty of all of this.
    Notes: This part had no beta. All mistakes are mine and mine alone.

    Luke chews on his lip. He lost his Chapstick and never replaced it. )
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    ( Apr. 10th, 2009 01:57 am)
    So, I just read a ton of little ficlets from one of those "pick a story and i'll drabble something" memes. And then I thought, well shit, i could never do that because i haven't written that much. And then I looked and thought, okay, so i'm not as prolific as many, but i've been kinda stuck recently.

    In essence what i'm saying is that if you are reading this and would like me to write something small that relates to something i've already written (a timestamp, a different PoV or character, whatever) just drop me a comment and i'll try to get to it.

    I'm going to be meeting people in a week, so I thought maybe this would be a good time to think about my fandoms.

    Edit: Also, if you have a piece of your own writing that you might want someone else to write in, you can drop me a link and i'll try.
    I finally caught up and watched last week's episode. I laughed hysterically at the beginning and loved it, as i was told i would. But the end? and the conflict between dean and sam? IT KILLLLLLLLS ME. i get angsty and weepy and i should just never be allowed to watch this show ever again, because if they don't wind up in love and making out together, then I just don't know what i'll do.

    and they're freaking supposed to be brothers.

    Could someone help me by making a couple of manips of Josh Jackson and Van Hansis together. I don't need them to be, like, naked or anything, but i need them to look like a couple.



    This is the beginning of an original fic. it's not edited. It's not anything. But I'm posting it anyway because I'd love feedback/questions/anything that anyone can get me.

    I cut because this is kinda long )
    but instead i'm coming to y'all first ...

    i thought i had a j2 saved where one of the js lived in washington and was some sort of corporate professional, (i'm thinking it was jensen), and then he goes down to visit friends in some lovely beach place, where he meets free spirit other j, and they all are lovely and whatever, and there's something about photos and maybe i don't know a stuffed toy of a tiger, and then the j goes back to corporate america (doctor, lawyer, what have you) and the other one doesn't go with, and then eventually shows up outside his apartment waiting for him and he says it's cold. and i think this is all wrapped up in a country song.

    wicked helpful, i know, and what's odder - i don't even know if i read it all, or liked it all - but i woke up to a song and i've been reading oceany/beachy/summery stories because it's not quite spring here, and this one popped into my head.

    thanks darlings.

    ETA: I remembered the song was by Kenny Chesney so I searched for j2 Kenny Chesney and found it. Yay me. This is the link:
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    ( Mar. 24th, 2009 08:23 pm)
    This is one of those moments where i really wish i was a BFD in SPN fandom like poisontaster, thenyxie, keepaofthcheez, belyste, any of them, because i want to be able to say, "GOD SOMEONE WRITE ME RPS BASED ON PARANORMAL STATE - RYAN/SERGEY GOGOGOGO!" and have it happen.
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    ( Mar. 22nd, 2009 03:33 pm)

    go here. vote for Collision Course by KA Mitchell.

    do it now.

    tell your friends.

    tell your family.

    apparently all the m/m books have lost out so far.

    WTF people. where is our dignity?


    go here. vote for Collision Course by KA Mitchell.

    do it now.

    tell your friends.

    tell your family.

    apparently all the m/m books have lost out so far.

    WTF people. where is our dignity?

    For those of you who know how i came into my FoC, you need to read this entry and help me. You just, nnngh, HELP OkAY! PLEASE.

    look? see my name. i have bribery at my fingertips! BRIBERY!

    and oh my god? joey and aaron? i want them to win. i ACHE for them to win.

    i do not even have words.

    and i have awesome bribery.


    thank you. that is all.
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    ( Mar. 13th, 2009 10:51 pm)
    The fliers went up all across town like magic. One evening nothing, but by morning heavy purple paper with thick curvy black letters were taped at the bus stops and any other available flat posting surface. Nate’s eyes scanned the words, tried to make sense of them against the stuttering trip of his own heart. Clumsy, callused farmer’s fingers didn’t belong pressed against the cool, smooth weight of the signage. A circus was coming to town! That’s what the purple mystery said, when Nate finally took his courage in hand and read it. A circus was coming, and it needed both skilled and unskilled help. He swallowed past the spring mud clogged in his throat. Maybe, he hoped. Maybe if he worked good enough, tried hard enough. Maybe they’d take him when they left town as well?

    Do you know how difficult it is to write in improper English, even if you know you're doing it deliberately? Even if you blow conventions on a regular basis? That good in good enough? God! Killlllllls me.

    Anyway. This is what I wrote that pleased me today. I wrote the beginning of a story that's been ruminating in my brain for awhile.

    Nate and ... Ian? Drew? Connor? I have to work on that other name.

    How many of you when writing original fic, envision your heroes/heroines as celebrities or characters and thus make you think that you're writing one giant AU fic, but with changed names?
    Title: This Is Not A Girl Crush
    Author: Me? Oh, [ profile] nouveau_monday. Yeah. That’s me.
    Rating: PG-13 (Okay, okay, don’t kill me. I don’t know what’s wrong. I lost my porn somewhere.)
    Warnings: Blatant objectification of Jensen Ackles and Kerr Smith. Lots of swearing. Angsty McStupidPants
    Disclaimer: Apparently, I have no shame inside me. And, also, this is FICTION.
    Beta: The bestest Jill that I ever did see.
    Author's Notes: written for luke_noah's monthly challenge #3. Thanks to people who answered questions about 3D movies and humored my need to know about Ryder Hughes. Yeah. Umm. Don’t ask.

    I cut because I care... or something like that. )
    So I'm almost caught up with Thursday's episode of ATWT.

    i cut because i care )
    Okay, so, umm, i might be writing something and i might need some help. Can someone tell me who Kerr Smith played in the movie? I wasn't really aware that he was in it because everyone I know was talking about either the special effects or the jensen effects. mmmm ... special jensen effects. wait? what? where was i?

    anyway, i'm maybe writing something where I need to know a bit about kerr smith's character in the movie. so, you know, if you've seen it, or if you know anything about his role, that'd be awesome if you could give me a quick summary. who he is, how he relates to jensen's character, how he relates to jaime king's character. yeah.

    help me in my efforts to go to that special rps (and not even j2 rps) hell.

    please and thank you.

    ETA: also? when seeing a 3D movie are previews in 3D? I would think not, but I thought I would confirm with others.

    ETA2: i'm asking for spoilers so don't read the comments unless you want to be spoiled.
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    ( Feb. 14th, 2009 10:02 pm)
    thanks for the love. *smooches* i was trying to figure out who sent me love and have no clue! i don't think i'm as subtle as y'all are.


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