For those of you who know how i came into my FoC, you need to read this entry and help me. You just, nnngh, HELP OkAY! PLEASE.

look? see my name. i have bribery at my fingertips! BRIBERY!

and oh my god? joey and aaron? i want them to win. i ACHE for them to win.

i do not even have words.

and i have awesome bribery.


thank you. that is all.

From: [identity profile]

Way cool!

I want them to win too! Come on, it's Joey and Aaron! I will be voting. =) And she gave you a shout out! What's with the bribe??? Huh?

From: [identity profile]

Re: Way cool!

The bribe is something only she can write, and it's a missing scene from that day. Woooo hooooo!

and you understand. It's Joey and Aaron. JOEY AND AARON! *swooooooon*

From: [identity profile]

Bribery is something she could write for our fandom ... and isn't that FANTASTIC! SHE MUST WIN.

From: [identity profile]

Remind me again on the 19th and I will totes vote. I might even go down to the computer commons and vote on as many computers as possible.

*is a bribery whore*



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