This is one of those moments where i really wish i was a BFD in SPN fandom like poisontaster, thenyxie, keepaofthcheez, belyste, any of them, because i want to be able to say, "GOD SOMEONE WRITE ME RPS BASED ON PARANORMAL STATE - RYAN/SERGEY GOGOGOGO!" and have it happen.

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I've only seen a couple episodes of it, so I barely know who you're talking about. The best I could do would probably be a really terrible Ryan/Sergey RPS that's basically just Van/Jake in a haunted house with the names changed. 8D

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i appreciate the offer. you're a love. seriously watch the show if it's up your alley. the level of UST between these two ... hell not even UST ... just ST is un-freaking-believable.

i cannot even stand it.
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You must not have ever read the comments to my "begging for pron" posts. It's always people telling me "That sounds AWESOME...YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WRITE THAT!" *weeps* Clearly I'm not THAT much of a BFD. :D

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oh, well that's not as helpful as i was hoping it would be, because i would think that people would be falling all over themselves to write for you, even if they didn't think they wrote as well as you.

you are so a BFD. I declare it so.

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Sorry Monday. I've only started with the first couple of seasons of SPN. Don't think I even know who those characters are. Hopefully someone who knows can write this for you though. ♥

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They aren't SPN. It's a show on discovery or A&E or something like that. And they're so gay for each other.

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here's some fics that are Ryan/Sergey

On, there are a number of stories set up in the style of one-shots that revolve around the Ryan/Sergey bromance. No one has gone so far as to write explicit slash yet(for fear of a slander lawsuit, I'm sure). Lol. Check them out if you're really so into it, and if you review or petition the authors, I know that there are at least two there who would be willing to write it.

More specifically,


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