My sleep schedule is all hosed right now, and i took a nap mid day. So of course, hosed sleep + napping = funny dreams for monday. And this one? totally bizarre. I don't have time for all of it, but I'll tell the important part.

For some reason post manicure/pedicure that even while getting done i was not understanding, because i don't need a fill or a color change for another week, i ran into the guy that plays Casey on As the World Turns. And somehow we got into a conversation about how he and i should make out ... for publicity only. (Of course.)

And then we met up later, and there were a million people around, and he found me and was like "Here seems like a good place." I wasn't sure what to do but just sort of stare blankly (because this was after this weird sequence where i was hiding so i wouldn't be forced to eat decomposing human flesh to become a werewolf and not be killed by vampires).

AND THEN, he kissed me. and Oh MY God and Goddess and your gods and goddesses also. That was a kiss. Keep in mind, I haven't kissed a male since 1993, so maybe my perspective was off. I don't even know. What I do know is that his hands were incredible and his mouth was perfect and it totally made my toes curl.

*hides head* I cannot believe I had this dream.

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Huh. That is a most interesting dream. I want to know more about the decomposing flesh/werewolf part!

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That was clearly a sign of me playing too many computer games or something because we had to fight some vampires, but only within our range, and i don't know, it's all a little fuzzy right now.

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Niiiiiice. Did you ever hear about my Jensen dream? We were outside at some kind of gathering and he kept finding me to make out with me. He was an amazing kisser. *daydreams for an hour*

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It was. I had it YEARS ago (before SPN) and I still remember what kissing Jensen was like. :P

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I really want to laugh, like seriously, but that would be so hypocritical of me, and I dislike hypocrisy with a passion... That sounds so disturbingly similar to one of my dreams o.O except I don't remember whether it was Billy, Van or Jake... or maybe even all three of them... hence the not remembering part...

In mine however the vampire(s) actually did get to me, I didn't have werewolves in mine but shape-shifters were present. The dream may have been involved Jake actually with his 'I want to be on True Blood'deal-y at the Rock the Soap Cruise... and his killer canines that imply he should be (this is a good thing)!

I cannot believe I admitted to having this dream.

*ducks under her covers*

Can I laugh now? o.O

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My sympathies that the vampires got you. They didn't get me. But this had something to do with me sneaking back into the mani/pedi place because i'd left my bag there and they'd given me the combo to the lock, and someone else was there, but they had gotten in with a key through the attached parking garage. Again, i don't even know what goes on in my brain some days.

I didn't know about him saying he wanted to be on True Blood. God, that would kick ass.

*hugs you* i appreciate knowing i'm not the only one who has these sorts of dreams.

Laugh away. I sure did.

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Oh noes. don't sympathize... Jake was the Vampire... and he had a horrible southern accent... and I'm fairly certain he kept switching into Van... and Billy turned into a dog and kept trying to hump the vampires leg... don't ask... apparently I sing in my sleep too... *tries to find the wrench to tighten those loose screws in her noggin'*

did you get your bag back??

True Blood & Jake: It was in one of the RTS videos Moey posted... they one's from Eileen (i think)? I can't remember which part it was in though... Meh. and I agree, that would kick ass...

*hugs back* I usually don't recall dreams and when I do they're insane and off the hook (last night I was humming/mumbling/singing pirate songs in my sleep according to my roommate, but I don't know any... I don't remember the dream which makes me laugh at myself more... :D

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Wow. I will not comment on the dream or offer any kind of analysis. I'll just stay, it was inspirational for me. ;-) ~Ali

P.S. The hands thing isn't that surprising, you've mentioned the hands before...

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Yeah, watching him play last friday? Those hands. UILSHEUIFLHZUI :ESHFOU:HWRUIF:HRf UIZFGIUVLRi. enough said?

i thought of you when i decided to confess to this dream.

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When I finally get my part finished and you write for B, you can use the dream for...research? Just need to place your self in J's shoes. ;-)

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SO JEALOUS. Not necessarily because it was Billy (although, yeah, he's pretty sexy) but because I've only had, like, TWO dreams in my entire life in which I'm making out with someone. And only one of them was a really good kiss (though not toe-curling) with a hot chick, while the other was just gross and awkward with a random guy who had a thin, stabbity little tongue. 8|

Also, yay for not being forced to eat decomposing human flesh! lol.

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I don't have a lot of dreams like that either. It threw me off quite a bit. Umm, and also, I LOVE YOUR ICON SO MUCH IT HURTS.

i was all stealthy and ninja like about not eating the decomposing flesh. sneaky and shit with the hiding, and pretending to be dead at one point. it was cool.

also, it is rare that i get to use this icon with meaning, so i thought i had best bust it out.

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Hahaha, I love your icon too. No idea what the reference is, but that face alone made me gigglesnort. 8D

Though I'll have you know that thanks to this post I had an extremely unsettling dream last night in which Hayden Panettiere (wtf, i don't watch any of her stuff) was a decomposing zombie whose face collapsed in on itself when she laid down. But it's cool, because it turned into an awesome dream about me directing a chorus full of random people I went to high school with.

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mine is from the shoebox project.

also - eeeeew about decomposing faces! eeeeeeeeeeeeeew!


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