go here. vote for Collision Course by KA Mitchell.

do it now.

tell your friends.

tell your family.

apparently all the m/m books have lost out so far.

WTF people. where is our dignity?

For those of you who know how i came into my FoC, you need to read this entry and help me. You just, nnngh, HELP OkAY! PLEASE.

look? see my name. i have bribery at my fingertips! BRIBERY!

and oh my god? joey and aaron? i want them to win. i ACHE for them to win.

i do not even have words.

and i have awesome bribery.


thank you. that is all.
Go here:

Vote for K.A. Mitchell's Collision Course.


thank you.
Happy [ profile] ka_mitchell day! I cannot even begin to explain how excited i am for today to be today!
Collision Course was released today as an ebook. I cannot say enough good things about this book, but I'll try to say some of them:

#1 - I want to be Joey, but only if ...
#2 - I can have an Aaron
#3 - The sex is INTENSELY HOT and AWESOME
#4 - The conflict is wonderful and makes sense and isn't contrived
#5 - I want to be Aaron, but only if ...
#6 - I can have a Joey
#7 - The side characters ROCK
#8 - I love Kim to a ridiculous degree

i could go on but that would require more coherency than is currently available at my finger tips. Seriously, all of you, do yourselves a big favor: Go HERE and Purchase Collision Course.

Also, you can read short stories about Aaron and Joey at [ profile] ka_mitchell's LJ. Go do this immediately, and then BUY THIS BOOK.
I like to think of myself as an enabler, a pom pom girl, the person who will cheer you on with honest enthusiasm. On saturday at a chapter meeting Eloisa James was speaking about a super fan, and how that's what authors should have. I scribbled to one of my friends that in my world, we call that someone's bitch. As in, "I am [ profile] ka_mitchell's bitch." And it's so true. I am. I live to be her super fan. Is that crazy?

The truth is that I don't think it is crazy. One, I admire KA Mitchell's writing tremendously. It's a great read in any form (rough draft, final draft, starting stages, hating everything stages, just mulling a possible idea around). Two, I admire her as a person, and want to be her, a lot. Three, she's amazingly inspirational in terms of how she works, how she writes, and how she gives back to other writers by enabling/encouraging/critiquing them. I've been thinking about fans a lot recently, and how the thing about KA Mitchell that I adore so much is that she's accessible and a real person and not just OMG my FAVORITEST AUTHOR EVER!.

Now, I'm no way on her level. I just dabble about in my fandom of choice happily. I'm not published, so it's different. I get that. But I appear to have some fans, which is entertaining. And recently, it has come to my attention that people are intimidated by me. This is ... weird. I feel like I'm the most innocuous person in the world. While I save my super squealy fangirl ways for KA Mitchell, I try to be somewhat squealy to lots of people, because, hello, they deserve it. Some of the writing I read here is breathtaking and I freaking love it. Shouldn't my utter dorkitude keep me from being scary?

There's more here on which I'm musing, but I wanted to document some of this. Do all of us have people we fangirl over? Published authors for me are KA Mitchell and Jennifer Crusie. I want to be them, but KA Mitchell more. Fanfic authors (in my FoC) include Ithilien22 (duh) and the hayloft authors to name a few. I have others in different fandoms, but I'm trying not to explode this entry too much. Plus most of the people on my friends list would recognize those names.

Okay, I have to go back to writing, but I wanted to document my entertained glee and ponderings at being a super fan/fangirl/pom pom girl/enabler/bitch.
Publication Date: December 9, 2008

Immovable object? Meet the irresistible force.

Paramedic Aaron Chase doesn’t have anything against love. It just comes with a lot of responsibility, like when he had to raise his sister and brothers after their drug-addicted mom took off for good. Now that the last one is off to college, Aaron’s anticipating enjoying life on his own terms. He certainly wasn’t expecting Joey Miller to accidentally drop into his life.

Joey’s sexy, funny and annoyingly optimistic, and his tendency to get into trouble keeps sending him Aaron’s way. Even the fact that Joey works for the hated social work system isn’t reason enough to keep him out of Aaron’s bed.

Joey knows all about love. He’s fallen in it ten times—he thinks. It’s not that he can’t tell the difference between sex and love. All that experience has to count for something, right? With Aaron it’s different. Maybe because there’s something to fight for.

This time Joey’s fallen for good. He’s not going to let number eleven get away.

Let me just tell you all something. I have read this book. I read it as it was being written. I begged, shamelessly and regularly, for pages, for paragraphs, for one word at a time. This book is so amazing, so full of lust and love and so full of incredibly hot sex. I don't even have words. I sat around and flailed. I have read the rough draft multiple times. It is that good. And you can get it online on the ninth of december. I'm telling you. Save the date!


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