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( Nov. 30th, 2008 11:38 pm)
I did it! Unlike some of you, i did not make 50k words this month. HOWEVER, i wasn't trying to do that. I was trying to get in a submission to a contest at samhainpublishing and I did it! Those bits and pieces from earlier this month that you may or may not have been reading are part of a roughly 30k original completed piece with blurb, synopsis, query letter and everything.

this may be the most terrifying moment of my writing life to date. Even scarier then writing valentine fanfic and finally having bottom!noah get his wish. seriously. my hands are sweating. i'm in agony.

perhaps the stupidest thing is that i don't care if i get rejected. I mean, yeah okay, of course I'd love to win, but this was about challenging me and getting this done and getting my name out to the people who edit for samhain.

in other news, it is 12 days until my fanfic-aversary. I have pieces due on the 10th, but I think I should write something (other than the new fic of doom ithilien and i may be not so secretly writing) to celebrate. Thoughts? Suggestions?

oh, and finally, i now get to read all the stuff i put off and comment! yay! (ladysonsie, i'm looking at you when i say that, just so you know.)
holy crap, i really wrote the last line of this. I have two scenes to add and a fuck load of editing, but it's done. For real done. oh god. it's actually going to be done in time to submit. I maybe need to vomit right now.

is this too insanely lame for words? )
I'm trying out this different way of writing where I write the scene that has the strongest pull in my head, and not necessarily the one that logically follows the rest. It seems to be working, which, huh. Kinda cool. I'm pretty sure I owe that to writing fanfic, and more specifically writing with [ profile] ithilien22. I wrote 'missing scenes' for my magnets'verse. Then because I was passing stories back and forth with ithilien, I would write bits and pieces not connected to words I had written last. Part of me struggles against this because my writing idols are the ones that primarily fly by the seats of their pants and write sequentially. I want to emulate them. However, if this works, then this works. And I'm going with it.

That was the preface to the fact that what I'm not writing at the moment is the big black moment. It's going well as far as the dialogue goes. Ben (who used to be Jake, and could still go back to Jake) came back to the farm prepared to ask Gabe to stay. Especially now that it won't matter because the marriage can't go through in time, so there's no way to mistake what Ben is doing for sneaking through his dad's will. But he gets home, and there's a little yellow coupe in the driveway and he loses his shit.

The good: I know I have to finish this part before I go back to work tomorrow. I can't leave it like this or I'll be a big ol' mess. This means that I need to push forward, and while I still have brackets in which i have notes like 'must write sexy horseback lesson' and 'need to shift my timeline forward three days', I will have ostensibly finished the fucker.

The bad: IT'S SAD.

Here. )
Go here: RIGHT NOW.

In other news: fuck me gently with a chainsaw, but i am actually on target for where i should be for word count. Merepersiflage was right about the benefit of taking a year to write fanfic. And while it's not a year until a month from wednesday, it's close. I really think this is going to be done in time to be edited and sent off. I may just go and vomit right now.

Or, you know, go watch some puppies.


this is a cool little thing. 20 minutes, and i was using gentle and it so kept me on track! i tried 30 minutes and it still worked. Yay!

plan for tonight: write the scene where jake tries to get gabe drunk, but it backfires and he gets plastered instead. poor, dumb jake.

plan partially completed: poor dumb jake got jealous of james who is all about the eew and swallowed a few too many shots. He's up to three shots of strong tequila, plus a beer.


plan completed: Jake is now in bed. Gabe is curled up around him as the big spoon. There was no kissing because Gabe sensibly said he didn't want to kiss mr. puke breath (he was more polite than me), and there will be drama when they wake up in the morning.

on the plus side, gabe stepped up and asked if he could do more stuff around the house and not actually be out as much. he gives the reason that he'd like to do something he's good at, but i think it's because he wants to go through Jake's paperwork. Sneaky bastard.
Word count: 8354 as of right now.

Summary: Cinderella meets My Fair Lady, only gay. And with cowboys.

Definitely working: I am enjoying this story. And I have a cute little summary, and i get to say fuck a lot.

Working: the plot of my story is all laid out in my mind, but just enough so that i'm still pleasantly surprised as it tumbles from my fingers.

Maybe not working: seriously, here. this story is j2 au but with different names. so i need to contemplate my descriptions carefully, because i'd like to be able to enter this into a real live contest that real editors read. It's not like I named them Dean and Sam or anything, but speaking of names - they need to change. Jake, his bff James, and the yankee is Gabe. Two similar. I think they're going to become Drew, Max and Gabe. Only Max is not max from DA and considering the j2ness of this, that may be a problem. fuck fuck fuck.

Definitely not working: I need to know the size of a horse that someone 6'5" would ride (roughly) and I need to write a hand lust scene. the hand lust scene is not a problem, except that I've had this vision since Gradgirl finished her last van/jake of doing a piece on holding hand in that world. So now, now I've got to make sure they don't oddly bleed into each other.

a snippet:
"You're an idiot." James flicked the back of Jake's earlobe.

"Ow! Mother fucker, that hurt. I'm not an idiot. I'm just," he gestured wildly, tried to find the right word. "I'm drunk. That's what I am. Almost drunk, but not quite enough."

"Liar. You're trashed. Wait here, I'll get you something to ease the hangover you'll have tomorrow morning."

He continued on, not listening to his friend. What did she know about these things? She was a chick. "Like Gabe is not quite enough gay. I mean, clearly, he's gay. He's gotta be. I'm pretty sure I could feel him checking out my ass. But he's not gay enough to take advantage of me in my drunken stupor." Jake shook his head. "Nope. Not gay enough. The bastard! James, how do you get to be as hot as him and not take me upstairs and make an honest woman of me?"

"First off, maybe because you're not a woman? You think that might be part of it. Secondly, you met him, what, six hours ago?" She flicked his ear again, but then passed him two aspirin and a glass of water. "If you really want to be an honest woman, maybe you should be sober when you proposition him?"

"Nuh uh. That's the whole point." He aimed for the stairs, but didn't quite make it. The wall was comfortable, easy to slide down. That would do for now. "I don't want to proposition anyone. I want to be the one. Damnit. Why does everyone want me to be all grr! argh! top or nothing?" Jake rubbed his palms against his eyes. "Why doesn't someone just want to fuck me blind?"

James threaded her fingers through his hair. "Aww, honey. You know I would if it weren't for that whole penis issue we've got."

"What penis issue?" Jake craned his neck to look, but that hurt so he went back to cradling his head in his hands.

"The one where you have one, and like them. And I don't, and you know, don't."

"Why don't you like dick? Everyone should like dick, James. Everyone. You know what?" He tried to focus on her but she wobbled in front of his eyes. "Come here, I'mma tell you a secret."

"Do I have to? Your breath stinks." James widened her stance and held out her hands to help him up.

She was a good friend. He should tell her that more often, but that wasn't the point. What had the point been? Oh. Right. "Shut up, yeah, you have to hear this." He gestured her closer. "I bet I'd like Gabe's dick. You think he'd mind if I wanted to kiss him all over?" He giggled. "I wonder if he's proportional? Man, James, can you imagine? I'd be walking even more bowlegged than I do now." His daydream shifted to his dick, and even through the alcoholic fog, Jake knew that a long jerk off session in the shower would be the only thing to take the edge off. "Maybe I'll ask him tomorrow. Or, you know, once I'm dead. Whichever comes first." His stomach shifted. Pizza, beer and tequila fought for dominance in his intestines. "Oh hell. Help me up, James. I'm gonna hurl."

"I got him." Strong hands clasped his wrists together and slide an arm under his shoulders. "Easy does it. Let's get you to the nearest bathroom where you can vomit in peace."

"There's one attached to the master bedroom. If you can get him up the stairs, that's your best bet." James adjusted Jake's shirt. "How much of that did you hear, Gabe?"


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