Noah jumped at the hiss of the shower, sighed as the hot water pelted his back. Old buildings without water-saver showers were the best. The water pressure was amazing. The noise loud enough to drown out his own thoughts almost. He grabbed the complimentary soap from the side of the tub and began to wash his stomach. Damn! When had Luke done that? Noah counted at least a handful of hickeys on his skin. He remembered the one on his hip, one above his right nipple, but the others? He dripped water into his eyes as he laughed and shook his head.

"Laughing is good. I like you laughing. It makes you seem more awake." Luke pulled back the curtain and entered the shower.

"Hey!" Noah hunched over, hid himself.

"Tell me you aren't hiding from me now, Noah?" Luke stepped forward.

"Maybe I am? What of it?" He stepped under the stream of water, choked on his own startled inhale, froze at Luke's hands on his.

"Well stop it. You're wet, and warm, and hot, and I'm going to stop now because I'm babbling again." Luke pried at Noah's fingers. "Give me the soap. I'll do your back."

Noah coughed again. Every shower scene from every porno he'd ever watched smashed together behind his eyelids. The steam might be coming from him more than the hot water at this point. "Umm, okay." He covered Luke's hand in his, holding it there longer than strictly necessary, before releasing the soap.

"Trade positions with me? You under the spray won't work." Luke tugged Noah forward.

Noah tried to sidestep, but he was startled and the tub wasn't huge. They tangled in each other's limbs. He bit his lip, wrapped his arms around Luke, tugged him closer. "You anywhere works for me." He nuzzled into Luke's neck, licked the warm water off his earlobe. "You everywhere works right now." He wanted on his knees right then, the feel of his boyfriend in his mouth and the warm water a perfect background and curtain to shut everything out but the taste of Luke on his tongue.


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